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PALO SANTO Tagua Holder with Peru Sticks (5, Small Tagua)

PALO SANTO Tagua Holder with Peru Sticks (5, Small Tagua)

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Listing is for 1 (one) Tagua Holder *see picture for size reference* (you pick size, along with how many sticks preferred): -5 Peru Palo Santo Sticks -10 Peru Palo Santo Sticks -20 Peru Palo Santo Sticks Palo Santo sticks directly imported from Peru, South America. Stick Measure 4.3 Inches / 10.16 cm. long by 1/2 inch wide approx Hand-crafted Tagua holder; Tagua is a palm-like tree that grows throughout South America, most commonly in Ecuador. It is knows as the “vegetable ivory”; it is a cruelty-free mineral. The tag nut hardens and thickens as the tree starts to grow, growing in size inside its’ pod. Once the seeds are picked, they are laid to dry in the sun. Once dried, they are polished and carved; resulting in a smooth, shiny textured bead. These Tagua holders are kept as their natural color. The perfect beautiful vegan, eco-conscious addition to your home. PALO SANTO (Bursera Graveolens) which in Spanish translates to Holy Wood, is the best, high quality incense stick. This wood is hand harvested and handcrafted by artisans, with no chemicals or oils added, producing natural, very fragrant resin. This wood is sustainably harvested from sacred trees who have been naturally dead for 3-5 years in the tropical dry forests of Peru; It is described to have a fine aroma of cedar +citrus, considered unique and incomparable. FAST AND FREE SHIPPING FOR UNITED STATES SHIPS FROM MIAMI, USA


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